How does publisher admission work?

Before publishers can promote your affiliate program, you should grand them access. Log in to the Daisycon system and go to 'Media affiliates' / 'Acceptance'.

As soon as you have given admission to your program, they get access to your promotional materials. Daisycon has the rule that, as an advertiser, you should give (or diny) access within 10 days.

If you do not want someone to promote your program, you can deny them access. The publisher will receive a message that he/she is can not promote your program. If you have doubts, you can put a publisher 'on hold'. This gives you time to ask a publisher how he/she is going to promote you. After you get an answer, you can decide weather you grand the publisher access or not.

You can send a message to the publisher by clicking on their account name. 

If you look at 'Media type', you see what kind of media the publisher owns. E.g. you can see if the publisher promotes you via a website, via e-mail, keyword marketing or social media.

Admission to your program is done on 'media level', this means that if one publisher asks for admission for muliple websites, you can give access to one, but deny access to another (e.g. because you don't want to be associated with that website).

If you have more than one affiliate programs in your Daisycon account, you only have to verify an media ones. If you allowed acces to one of your programs, the publisher automatically has access to your other programs.

Tip! You can automate your publisher admission. Click here to read how you can do this.