Recruit affiliates through your own campaign sign-up page

When an affiliate really likes your brand and wants to promote your campaign, the first thing he will look at is your own website, if he cannot find anything on it he will most of the time try to contact you directly using your website contact form. Unfortunately this method will rarely lead to a successful promotion of your website from these affiliates, this is why most successful advertisers will create a dedicated page about their campaign on their websites, you often see this page by a link in the footer called “Affiliate” or “Partnership”.

What should be on this page?

The purpose of this page is to briefly present your affiliate campaign and display what is attractive for affiliates to join and start promoting it, keep it simple and positive! Being too technical or going into strong legal terms will scare off the affiliates.
We recommend to use the following structure:
- Description of your campaign: Keep in mind that this description should be oriented to affiliates with as target to get them to promote your campaign, therefore avoid to use your generic brand presentation that will be targeted to new customers, if an affiliate is on this page, the chance is quite high that he already knows your brand and products.
- Bullet points: Think about why an affiliate should promote your campaign instead of your competition campaign.
- Rewards: Some affiliates may want to promote your brand/products for free but the most of them will expect to receive compensation for their efforts.
- Button: Finally the last step is a button to redirect the affiliate to your campaign presentation on Daisycon.

Example of text that can be used for a Sign-up page:

Interested in promoting {brand name}?

Join the affiliate campaign of {brand name} today, by promoting {brand name} through our affiliate campaign you will be rewarded for each visitor that will buy a product in our shop. You will be able to access a wide range of promotion materials (links, banners, product feed or voucher code) to help you promote us. We also offer regular seasonal actions that will help you benefit from promoting us.

* A conversion rate of XX% on average
* An average basket value of €XX
* A dynamic affiliate campaign

Join our campaign through our affiliate partner Daisycon by clicking the link below, you will then have access to your own unique promotion links.



How to generate a button to my campaign presentation?

When you log into your advertiser platform in Daisycon, you will find a generator under “TOOLS / Recruit publishers” we develop there an easy to use tool to help you to create a link to the public version of your campaign description. From there the affiliate will be able to subscribe to your campaign if he already owns an affiliate account at Daisycon or will be invited to create his account for free.