How can I verify my transactions?

As an advertiser you can process your transactions via the menu 'Transactions' / 'Manage transactions'.

In this menu, you will find all transactions that have been generated by your affiliate program. Match these transactions with the transactions in your back office, and either approve or disapprove them.
It is important that you process your transactions as soon as possible. The sooner you process the transactions, the more likely publishers are to promote your program. As an advertiser you are obliged to process your transactions within two months, however as mentioned, the sooner the better.
In the event that you have to disapprove a transaction, you should always give the publisher an explanation as to why the transaction is invalid.

In the menu on the right hand side, you will find several options to help you process transactions more quickly. If you want to process all transactions at once, we kindly refer to the  FAQ-item regarding batch processing.