How do you add banners and text links as an advertiser?

As an advertiser at Daisycon you can add your own banners and text links. Log in to the Daisycon system and go to menu 'Material' / 'Manage material'. 

You can add seperate ad groups. e.g. "Banners England", "Banners the Netherlands" and "Textlinks France". 

Within the ad group you can add as much materials as you like. 

For each banner or textlink you can add a link. Make sure your visitors are referred to the right (and relevent) landing page. This will improve your conversion.

Select "Edit Adgroup" to change all the links in an ad group at one time. Here you can also change the settings of the ad group.

If you use LCC scripting (automated deduplication between networks) you must make sure you do not forget to add the right referers to your links. A referer usualy starts with the following code '?ref='. If you doubt you did this correctly, please contact your channel manager. If you are only active with affiliate marketing at Daisycon, you probably don't have to worry about referers.

If you have new banners, you can chose to add them to a new ad group, but you can also decide to replace your current banners. The banners that are already included on the publishers' websites are automatically replaced. 

Each banner has it's own maximum upload size. You can find them below:

Banner (468 x 60) maximaal 150kb

  • Bunner (234 x 60) maximaal 100kb
  • Button (120 x 60) maximaal 100kb
  • Box (120 x 90) maximaal 100kb
  • Boom (120 x 600) maximaal 200kb
  • Bit (88 x 31) maximaal 100kb
  • Board (728 x 90) maximaal 250kb
  • Blad (75 x 100) maximaal 100kb
  • Medium rectangle (300 x 250) maximaal 250kb
  • Large rectangle (336 x 280) maximaal 250kb
  • Wide skyscraper (160 x 600) maximaal 200kb
  • Email-template (500 x 500) maximaal 250kb