How can I automate publisher admission?

In menu 'Media affiliate' / 'Auto acceptance' you can (partly) automate your publisher admission. 

You can choose to automatically approve or disaprove all or certain type of publishers.

You can filter on the following characteristics:

  • Categorie(s) - (Advertisers in fashion can for example automatically aprove all publishers with categorie 'fashion')
  • Target country - (Advertisers in Germany can automatically approve all German websites)
  • Media Type - (You can automatically approve all websites)

You can also combine the characteristics above. E.g. you can automatically approve all German websites in category 'fashion'.

All publishers that do not comply to your filters, will not be automatically approved / disaproved, so must be verified mannually. 

Please be aware that altough you automated the process, you as advertiser remain responsible for the publishers. All publishers that have to be verified manualy must be verified within 10 days.