Verify your transactions in one batch

With 'Batch processing' you can verify many transactions in one batch. If you have an succesfull affiliate program, this will help you manage your affiliate program a lot quicker. 

How does batch processing work?

You start by making an export of all transactions in a certain period from your back office. Make sure you export the unique transaction ID's off all the transactions that have been deleverd, or that have been canceled.

  • Go the menu 'Transactions' / 'Batch processing'
  • Paste all the transaction ID's in the box in menu batch processing
  • Make sure all the filters are set correctly (e.g. select the right value with which you want to match the ID's).
  • Then press 'Filter'
  • After you pressed 'Filter', you directly go to the regular 'Manage Transactions' menu. Only now only the transactions that match with the transaction ID's you just entered are shown.
  • You can now approve or disapprove all the transations
  • Click 'Save' to complete the verification

To use batch processing, it is essential that you use the same unique ID in your tracking code as you use in your back office. Read here more about implementing your tracking code.