Which data and / or personal data from the advertisers does Daisycon store?

Daisycon maintains the principle of privacy by design. This means that Daisycon only stores data that is necessary for its services. We do not store direct personal data for our Affiliate Marketing department, but some data when combined can be traced back to a person. Therefore, these data can be seen as personal data. This concerns the following data: IP addresses, cookie IDs and transaction IDs.

IP addresses are truncated (hashed) before being stored and directly encrypted via an irreversible MD5 hash. This creates a unique parameter that we can use to trace the uniqueness of transactions, without this being traceable to an individual after processing.

Cookies and matching data are only used for assigning transactions to Publishers and never used to create behavioral profiles.

The pseudonymised Transaction ID of the Advertiser can be associated by the Advertiser to a person and thereby can be seen as personal data. This Transaction ID is only available to the Advertiser and is linked to an anonymous Daisycon transaction ID, only this Daisycon transaction ID is shared with the publisher for alignment purposes.

Advertisers also pass on transaction data to us. This data is generally completely anonymous and cannot be traced back to a person. As mentioned above, Daisycon applies the principle of privacy by design and advises the advertiser not to provide any personal data in the transaction data. This is always checked at the start of a campaign or when changing a conversion pixel.

For our Lead Generation service where the landing page is hosted by the advertiser, the request data are not stored by Daisycon. For lead campaigns where the landing page is hosted by Daisycon for their customers, the registrant requested data are stored by Daisycon. This data is kept as short as possible after delivery to the customer, taking into account legal regulations.

Daisycon has standard processor agreements for the storage and processing of personal data. Daisycon has an advanced legal system, which means that only authorized personnel can access certain transaction data.