For what reason does Daisycon store advertiser data?

The data that Daisycon stores is used to make a match between the transaction that was generated and the publisher who initiated the transaction (Matching data). In addition, data is stored (transaction ID) so advertisers can validate their transactions. We also store data (no personal data) so publishers and advertisers can make statistical analyses and optimize their promotions.

Advertisers store transaction data with Daisycon for various reasons. For example, to identify whether the transaction is valid, to determine the remuneration for the publisher or to optimize their promotions. 

The storage of data is covered by the standard processor agreement that Daisycon concludes with its advertisers.

For some lead campaigns hosted by Daisycon itself, personal data is temporarily stored for the advertiser. In this case, the advertiser is responsible for the data (Controller) and Daisycon the processor. This is done to facilitate the Lead Generation service. Personal data in the leads are not shared with publishers. For this data, a standard processor agreement is concluded with the advertiser.

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