Is the personal data of advertisers’ customers passed on to publishers?

No. Daisycon itself does not store personal data for the Affiliate Marketing service. In addition, Daisycon strongly advises advertisers against sending personal data with the transaction data. This is checked at the start of a campaign or when changing a conversion pixel.

Only anonymous or anonymised data that cannot be traced back to a person can be shared with the publisher who generated the transaction. Transaction IDs are not shared with publishers.

Article 3.9 of the  General Terms and Conditions for Publishers guarantees that transaction and click data may be stored and/or processed by the publisher exclusively to promote the advertiser concerned more effectively or for making analyses. The data must also be adequately secured. Publishers must accept these conditions before they can register with Daisycon.

We are working on a standard processor agreement for publishers, to safeguard this policy even better.