Product feed standard: Car lease

This is the product feed-standard for Automotive feeds.

Click here for the product feed-field-types legend.


Field name Field description Field type Mandatory
description Primary description of the product Text Yes
link URL to the product page Link Yes
price Price of the product (When a discount applies this is the new price) Decimal Yes
title Title/ name of the product Varchar Yes
model Model name or number of the manufacturer Varchar Yes
sku Unique product id from webshop Varchar Yes
brand Brand name of the product Varchar Yes
fuel_type Type of fuel for this product Keyword Yes
km_per_year Lease kilometers per year Integer Yes
lease_duration Lease duration in months Integer Yes
gear_system The gear/transmission system of the product (i.e. automatic or manual) Keyword Yes
in_stock In stock (true/false) Keyword Yes
body_type Body type of the vehicle Keyword Yes
condition Is this product new or used Keyword Yes
price_old Old price in case of a discount Decimal Yes
color_primary Primary color of the product (Most visible color) Varchar Yes
description_short Short version of the content in the description field Text Yes
energy_label Energy label Varchar Yes
lease_type Lease type Keyword Yes
keywords Pipe seperated keywords for this product Varchar Yes
additional_costs Additional costs, not mapped in price fields. Fill additional_costs_description with a description of these costs Decimal Yes
brand_logo File location of this products brand logo Image Yes
material_description Description of the material used for the product. Varchar Yes
has_airco Is airco present in this product Keyword Yes
has_handsfree Has the vehicle a built-in handsfree functionality Keyword Yes
has_navigation Has the vehicle built-in navigation Keyword Yes
range Range in kilometers for electric/hybrid vehicles Integer Yes
terms_conditions Full terms and conditions Text Yes



Multiple images can be added to a product, by creating separate fields for each image. These fields should contain the URL to the image. Our system maps one main image. Additional images will be specified as additional images. Examples of additional images can include different views to a product (side-view, front-view, top-view, etc.)