Explanation: Implement Daisycon conversion pixel in Magento-2

Especially for advertisers who use Magento-2, Daisycon developed an extension for the implementation of the conversion pixel. This extension adds the conversion pixel to the Magento success page without modifying code.

The Daisycon extension for Magento-2 can be viewed and downloaded here.

General information about the Daisycon conversion pixel can be viewed here.

Installation of the Daisycon affiliate tracking extension

A Magento Marketplace account is required to download the extension or access key. 

Installation via the Magento Setup Tool

Download the access key here. This access key is required for installation of the extension in the Magento-2 admin area. Read instructions here how to install a Magento-2 extension from the Magento Admin.

Manual installation

Download the extension here. Extract the content of the archive. Connect to the server where your Magento store is installed via SSH or FTP. Copy the entire unpacked app folder into your store installation root folder.

Extension setup

In the main menu go to MARKETING -> Daisycon Affiliatemarketing -> Settings to setup the Daisycon conversion tracking extension.

Login with your Daisycon username and password.

Multiple settings will be available to setup the Daisycon conversion tracking.

General Settings


Choose the campaign for which you want to activate the conversion pixel.



Does the amount in the pixel needs to be including or excluding VAT? Indicate your preference in the settings of the VAT field.


You can setup a compensation code based on category-id or a product attribute. With this compensation code your channel manager can setup variable compensations.


Extra 1 - 5

The conversion pixel can be enriched with extra variables (Extra 1 - Extra 5) such as payment method, shipping method, category-id or product attributes. These extra variables can be used to filter your statistics in the Daisycon interface. With these enriched statistics it is possible to easily optimize your campaign. These fields are not mandatory.

Questions and more information

Do you have any questions regarding the installation of this extension? Please contact your channel manager.