Explanation: Implement Daisycon conversion pixel in PrestaShop

Especially for advertisers who use PrestaShop, Daisycon developed a module for the implementation of the conversion pixel. This module adds the conversion pixel to the PrestaShop thank you page without modifying code.

The Daisycon module for PrestaShop can be received by simple request to your channel manager

General information about the Daisycon conversion pixel can be viewed here.

Installation of the Daisycon PrestaShop pixel module

Installation of the module in PrestaShop

When logged-in in your PrestaShop interface go to "Modules" and select "Upload a new module".
Upload the .zip module which can be downloaded here.
The module is now installed.

Module configuration

In the menu of your PrestaShop go back into "Modules".
Find the Daisycon Module by searching for Daisycon and press "configure".
You will be asked to set your campaign ID and matching domain up, here is how to find them:

Campaign ID (required)

Fill in the Campaign ID for which you want to activate the conversion pixel. You can find the Campaign ID in the Daisycon interface or ask your channel manager.

Matching domain (required)

Daisycon uses various domains to measure transactions in the network. This domain can vary per campaign. It's important to choose the correct domain for the campaign. The plugin will only show available domains. 

Questions and more information

Do you have any questions regarding the installation of this extension? Please contact your channel manager.