Banner specifications

As an advertiser at Daisycon, you can supply publishers with an unlimited amount of promotional material. Currently, the most commonly used promotional materials are text links, gif banners and HTML content. In this article you can read about what materials we need from you and how you can best deliver these materials.

Many advertisers also provide product feeds to promote their program. Read all about product feeds here.

Daisycon encourages advertisers to provide as much good promotional material as possible. We would be happy to help you with the correct delivery of these.

In this article:

  1. Banner specifications: Which banners should I provide?
  2. HTML-content

In general we say; the bigger the banner, the more visitors will click on it. We advise you to deliver at least the following formats:

  • Medium rectangle (300x250 px)
  • Large rectangle (336x280 px)
  • Leaderboard (728x90 px)
  • Wide skyscraper (160x600 px)
  • Email template (500x500 px)
  • Full banner (468x60 px)
  • Large mobile banner (320x100 px)

Furthermore, the more material you provide, the better publishers can promote you.

We also advise you to keep the size of the banner as small as possible. The smaller the banner, the shorter the loading time, the sooner the banner will be displayed on a website. Larger than 500 kb cannot be processed.

2. HTML content

In addition to the well-known gif banners, you can also make HTML content available. The advantage of this is that you can make the content dynamic. Examples are banners with pulldown menus and fields with search options (such as a zip code or domain checker). You can also make mail templates available so that email parties can promote your actions more easily.

2.1 Implementing the clicktag in HTML

If you want to add HTML banners to MyDaisycon, the easiest way to do this is by adding a clicktag to the banner. Daisycon replaces the clicktag with the correct link. This clicktag is placed where you would normally place the link.

The clicktag should look like this:



<a href="#CLICKTAG#" target="_blank" title="link">TEXT</a>

Please be aware that the clicktag method can only be used if you have one link in your banner. If you want tu use multiple links, please read 2.3 HTML content with multiple links.

2.2 External files in HTML

Daisycon prefers that advertisers host on their own servers images or all external files needed for the HTML content to work properly (javascripts for example). If external images or files are used, they are required to be placed on a secure "https://" environment.

If you want Daisycon to host those files, they should comply to our standard. The standard looks like:

<img src="#DOMAIN#/image.gif" alt="image"/>

Replace the 'image.gif' with the exact file name of the image. Provide the images in the same folder as the HTML file to Daisycon.

The clicktag and link to images (or other files) should not be placed in the javascript but in the HTML code itself.

2.3 HTML content with multiple links

Let's say you want to distribute an HTML banner showing several links to different products on your webshop

The content will have the following link structure:

  • Product 1 -
  • Product 2 -
  • Product 3 -
  • Etc.

The common base of the URLs will have to be converted into the #CLICKTAG# and the remaining part will have to be encoded and glued to the #CLICKTAG#.

Following our example above the link in the HTML code for the 1st product will look like this:
#CLICKTAG#nr1.html%3Futm_source%3Ddaisycon when will be used as common part of all URLs. 

2.4 Publishing banners in Adobe Animate

Go to File > Publish settings. In this menu you will find the export settings for your banner. For Daisycon it is important that all files are saved in one folder. To do so, select the same folder as your HTML file under "Export images assets" (see screenshot).


Add clicktag with Adobe Animate

It is important that the clicktag is not placed in the JavaScript file. If you only use one clicktag per banner, simply paste the code below in the <body>tag of your banner.

<body onclick="'#CLICKTAG#','_blank');"

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