How can I use promotion codes?

In the Daisycon system, you, as advertiser, can add your own promotion codes. After you added the promotion code, it is directly availible to your publishers. 

What are promotion codes?

A promotion code is a code that your customers can use on your website to receive a discount. The promotion code can be used by Daisycon publishers to promote your webshop. Offering a promotion code to your publishers can greatly enhance the succes of your affiliate program.

Add promotion codes

How do you add promotion codes to the Daisycon system? Go to menu 'Material' / 'Promotion codes'. In the top right corner of this menu you can choose the option 'Add promotion code'.

You can add 3 different type of promotion code:

  • General - this code can be used by all publishers. If you add an general promotion code, the code will automatically be distributed to all your publishers via a special XML feed.
  • Dedicated to one publisher - this code can only be used by one specific publisher*
  • Dedicated to Daisycon - this code can only be used by publishers that are affiliated to Daisycon*

*To use the dedicated promotion codes you should enhance your conversion pixel with the extra parameter [&pr=]. Please ask your channel manager for more information.

Dedicated promotion codes

The dedicated promotion codes is an unique Daisycon feature. The code can only be used by the one publisher you selected. If someone else distributes the code, the transaction will still be assigned to that publisher. This will prevent misuse of you promotion code. It also increases the possibilities of the publisher. E.g. they can even distribute the code offline. 

Additional options

When you add an end date, the code will automatically be deleted from the promotion code feed, and from the Daisycon system.

Fill in the country the code is meant for. This is automatically breadcast in the promotion code feed as well. This will effect that e.g. German promotion codes only appear on German websites.

At 'discription' please fill in a discription of the promotion, e.g. Free shipping, of 15% discount.

Last but not least: don't forget to activate the promotion code in your own content management system before you distribute the code to your publishers.