Collaboration with Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) from Google

Daisycon offers advertisers the opportunity to generate more visibility, reach and revenue through a strategic partnership with a CSS. The advantages and working method are explained in this article.

  • More visibility in the advertising block of Google Shopping. Google deduplicates only on product, not on shop. This makes it possible for your ads to be visible next to each other in Google Shopping via different CSSs. This is an advantage over shops that only work with one CSS.
  • Google has ruled out the possibility to drive up the price when multiple CSSs advertise for the same shop (outbidding your own ad placements). The CPC costs of your own Google Shopping campaign will not be increased as a result.
  • As an advertiser, you can offer more margin in Google Shopping compared to another, extra CSS. The advertisements via this CSS are additional and therefore do not interfere with your own Google Shopping campaign.
  • Payment is made according to the current CPS rates set in your Daisycon account. So you only pay a fee when there is a sale. The CPC costs are for the CSS, minimising the risk.
  • You make a connection between your own Google Merchant Account and the Google Merchant Account of the CSS.

Which CSS partner should I choose?

When choosing CSS partners, it is important to think carefully about who you want to work with. There are currently over 100 CSSs active within Google Shopping. Therefore, when choosing the right partner, consider the following aspects:

The popularity and functionality of the comparison website

Is it a well functioning comparison website? About 5% of the traffic in Google Shopping clicks on the link at the bottom of the advertisement 'via (name CSS)' and first lands on the website of the CSS. If this landing page works well, the chance of conversion is higher.

Google gives CSSs a quality score

The popularity and brand awareness of the CSS influences the visibility in the shopping block. CSSs with a better quality score are given priority over CSSs that perform less. Choosing CSSs therefore has a major impact on the performance of your Google Shopping ads.

What do we recommend?

Take the time to choose a good partner. Below we have made a selection of CSS with whom we have good experiences. In addition, we can guide you in choosing the right CSS partner.

CSSs active in The Netherlands

  • Shoparize: Premium CSS partner at Google. Shoparize offers a complementary performance. They choose the right bidding strategies and supplement product attributes from their own database, making your products easier to find in the Google Shopping results.
  • Shopforward Active in both The Netherlands as many other countries, including: BE, FR, DE, UK, Nordics and many more. Please inform with your accountmanager if Shopforward is also active in your country. 
  • Aldoor: Premium CSS partner at Google. is specialized in offering the right keywords so that your products stand out among those of your competitors.
  • Stylight: Stylight is a comparison shopping service (CSS) that helps millions of people around the world search for and find fashion and design products.
  • Daisycon now also offers a complementary service for you as an advertiser with its own CSS. In collaboration with Conversive's optimization specialists, Daisycon can make your Google Shopping campaign a success.

In addition to the above CSS partners, there are many more partners, each with their own expertise. 

How to join a CSS?

Contact your Daisycon contact person or the publisher management department. They will make sure that the right CSS is contacted and assist you with the onboarding process.

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