As an advertiser, how do I submit a product feed?

In a lot of branches almost every advertiser offers a product feed (datafeed/xml feed). For these branches, submitting a good product feed is essential to be succesful in affiliate marketing.

Every branch has its own standards. Every standard has it's own requirements in terms of fields, and the information they are supposed to contain. Naturally, this is different for each branch. By offering a standard, Daisycon enables her publishers to combine multiple product feeds (from different advertisers).

General standards.

In any case, every product feed requires the following fields to be present:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Unique ID (SKU)
  • Price
  • Deeplink to the product
  • Image

Furthermore, it is advised to always include shipping costs, delivery time and stock(status).

Daisycon automatically checks the header of a feed for new data every 15 minutes. Therefore it is smart to include the time of the latest update in the header.

This is a list of the different productfeed-standards that daisycon uses: