Legend productfeed-field-types

Each productfeed-standard specifies which type of input a field requires. This prevents wrong information to be added to the Daisycon software. Below this text you can find definitions of different field-types.



Type Type description
BOOLEAN Only valid input: true, false of <empty>
DATE Date formatted as: YYYY-MM-DD
DATETIME Date formatted as: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS

Numerical value with decimals seperated by a point, without other characters.


Numerical value without other characters, "Unlimited" valued should be submitted as 99999 (5 times 9)


Textual value, one of the predefined options.

TEXT Textual value, all characters allowed, long text.
TIME Time formatted as: HH:MM:SS

Textual value, all characters allowed, short text, a maximum of 255 bytes.