Productfeed-standard: Telecom Simonly

This is the productfeed-standard for Telecom: Simonly feeds.

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Fieldname Description Type Priority
description Description of the subscription TEXT  
link URL to the page of the subscription VARCHAR  
price One-off costs of the subscription DECIMAL  
sku Unique subscription ID in the webshop VARCHAR  
title Complete name of the subscription VARCHAR  
additional_costs Additional costs (for example: private copy levy) DECIMAL  
bandwidth_download Download speed in Mbits DECIMAL  
bandwidth_download_descr Download speed fully written VARCHAR  
bandwidth_upload Upload speed in Mbits DECIMAL  
bandwidth_upload_descr Upload speed fully written VARCHAR  
brand Brand VARCHAR  
brand_logo URL to an image of the brand logo VARCHAR  
category Main category VARCHAR  
category_path Category path seperated by a pipe | VARCHAR  
delivery_description Description of the delivery method VARCHAR  
delivery_time Delivery time in days INT  
ean Unique EAN productcode VARCHAR  
google_category_id Google category ID INT  
has_subscription_4g Subscription has 4G availability BOOLEAN  
in_stock Stock status BOOLEAN  
in_stock_amount Amount of items in stock INT  
internet_connection_type Internetconnection type of the subscription (for example: 4G)  VARCHAR  
internet_only Is it an internet only subscription? BOOLEAN  
keywords Keywords for this product seperated by a pipe | VARCHAR  
network Mobile network of the subscription VARCHAR  
price_old Old price, in case of discount prices DECIMAL  
price_shipping Shipping costs DECIMAL  
priority Priority of the product INT  
provider Subscription provider VARCHAR  
size SIM-card format VARCHAR  
size_description Description SIM-card format VARCHAR  
subscription_allowance_data Amount of MB's in the subscription INT  
subscription_allowance_minutes Amount of minutes in the subscription INT  
subscription_allowance_sms Amount of text messages in the subscription INT  
subscription_discount Amount of discount recieved DECIMAL  
subscription_discount_description Discount description VARCHAR  
subscription_discount_duration Discount duration in months INT  
subscription_discount_price Calculated price (including discount) DECIMAL  
subscription_duration Subscription length in months INT  
subscription_installation_costs Installation costs DECIMAL  
subscription_name Name of the subscription VARCHAR  
subscription_price Monthly subscription costs DECIMAL  
subscription_price_internet Price for extra internet bundle DECIMAL  
subscription_price_mms Price for extra MMS bundle per month DECIMAL  
subscription_price_month_2 Price from the second month (if applicable) DECIMAL  
subscription_price_off_peakhours Call rates off-peakhours per minute DECIMAL  
subscription_price_peakhours Call rates peakhours per minute DECIMAL  
subscription_price_sms Price per text message DECIMAL  
subscription_renewal Is het abonnement een verlenging BOOLEAN  
subscription_shared_data Does the number for the amount of MB's data get shared with the amount of calltime / text messages BOOLEAN  
subscription_shared_minutes Does the number for the amount calltime get shared with the amount of text messages BOOLEAN  
subscription_shared_sms Does the number for the amount text messages get shared with the amount of calltime BOOLEAN  
subscription_total_costs Totale costs SIM subscription + GSM subscription x subscription length DECIMAL  
terms_conditions Full terms and conditions TEXT  



Multiple images can be added to a product, by creating seperate fields for each image. These fields should contain the URL to the image. Our system maps one main image. Additional images will be specified as additional images. Examples of additional images can include different views to a product (side-view, front-view, top-view, etc.)