Productfeed-standard: Food & Drinks

This is the productfeed-standard for feeds containing daily offers.

Click here for the productfeed-field-types legend.

Fieldname Field description Type Priority
description Description of the product TEXT  
link URL to the page of the product VARCHAR  
price Price of the product DECIMAL  
sku Unique product ID in the webshop VARCHAR  
title Complete name of the product VARCHAR  
additional_costs Additional costs DECIMAL  
alcohol_percentage Alcohol percentage for example: 15.0 DECIMAL  
allergic_info Allergy information VARCHAR  
amount_content Amount of content, for example: 120 (in combination with amount_description) VARCHAR  
amount_description Unit of content amount: ml TEXT  
brand Brand of the product VARCHAR  
brand_logo URL to an image of the brand logo VARCHAR  
category Main category VARCHAR  
category_path Category path seperated by a pipe | VARCHAR  
color_primary Primary color of the product VARCHAR  
condition Product condition
new    refurbished    used
customer_rating Average rating of the product in customer reviews, for example: 2/5 of 7/10 VARCHAR  
delivery_area Delivery area TEXT  
delivery_pickup Can the order be delivered or only picked up? VARCHAR  
delivery_time Delivery time in days INT  
delivery_times Possible delivery hours TEXT  
description_ingredients Ingrediënts of the product TEXT  
ean Unique EAN productcode VARCHAR  
gender_target Gender to which the product is aimed VARCHAR  
google_category_id Google category ID INT  
in_stock Stock status BOOLEAN  
in_stock_amount Amount of items in stock INT  
keywords Keywords for this product seperated by a pipe | VARCHAR  
model Modelname/-number of the manufacturer VARCHAR  
price_old Old price, in case of discount prices DECIMAL  
price_shipping Shipping costs DECIMAL  
priority Priority of the product INT  
restaurant_address Adress of the restaurant TEXT  
serving_advice Serving tip / serving suggestion TEXT  
size General field for size VARCHAR  
size_description Description for the “size” field VARCHAR  
taste Description of the taste of the product VARCHAR  
taste_type Description of the type of taste, for example: sweet or sour VARCHAR  
terms_conditions Full terms and conditions TEXT  
weight Weight in grams INT  
wine_city Wine city of heritage VARCHAR  
wine_country Wine country of heritage VARCHAR  
wine_grape Type of grape used for the wine VARCHAR  
wine_region Wine region of heritage VARCHAR  
wine_year Wine year INT  



Multiple images can be added to a product, by creating seperate fields for each image. These fields should contain the URL to the image. Our system maps one main image. Additional images will be specified as additional images. Examples of additional images can include different views to a product (side-view, front-view, top-view, etc.)